About the Guy

About Me

He is by far the coolest person you will ever meet. Why? Because he is mainly a robot built with the sole purpose of goofing, having fun and loving.

He likes to tell stories. His stories usually involve “3 hot chicks” but they do not go where you think they would. It was once said his pants hold treasures beyond recognition, but it isn’t what you are thinking either.

He can think of no better way than to start the day with the taste of a good cup of hot milk filling his oral orifice. In his spare time, he can be found in front of a computer searching the Internet for pictures of cute Japanese girls or possibly that new hot girl in town, depending on how ludicrous he is feeling.

And wait, there’s more…

Most people think there isn’t much more to him than just his sexiness and his skills at the art of lovemaking, but they would, in fact, be totally wrong.

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