Bring back GrabBike! LTFRB must be crazy! GrabPH is a private company opening up opportunities for the Filipino public to have better service through innovating transportation, not to mention the thousands of jobs it offers, things that our government can’t provide to its citizens. But why is it that when someone find ways to solve our transportation problems, LTFRB interrupts and ruins it? WTF.

I am an everyday commuter, and it is my nightmare. Read how frustrated I am with the traffic situation here. When GrabBike was launched in the Philippines, it gave me hope. It took away the stress that I have to endure every single day just to go to the office and earn money for myself and my family. I don’t have to worry every night about the heavy traffic. I have extra time to rest since I don’t need to leave the house 2 hours earlier just to make sure I won’t be late for work. GrabBike is my lifesaver. Please bring it back.

But my nightmare came back when LTFRB decided to suspend the service. They won’t allow an efficient, honest and insured transportation service for reasons that can also be applied to other mode of transportation that we already have in the Philippines. Why LTFRB? Why GrabBike? Why not focus on those habal-habal and other colorum vehicles that are anything but what the GrabBike can offer, or the other transportation problems that haunt our commuters every day. But instead you decide to suspend a service that does more good than bad, a service that is openly expressing its willingness to work hand-in-hand with you for the betterment and benefits of the public. LTFRB, please think twice.

When GrabBike offered free ride to the public, LTFRB decided it will be convenient to entrap one of Grab’s riders and penalize him. For what? For doing his job well? For trying to make the Filipino commuter’s life easier? The poor man is probably just trying to earn a living for his family. Wala syang kasalanan. Nasaan ang hustisya, LTFRB? Ibalik nyo na ang GrabBike. Please.

Safety is not even an issue anymore. GrabBike has trained drivers. The riders and the passengers are both insured for every ride they make. The drivers are professional and the bike models are checked to make sure they pass the standards. Can you say the same thing to those reckless bus drivers in EDSA? What about the rude taxi drivers who take advantage of their passengers? After trying GrabBike for a week, I can confidently say that I would rather ride a GrabBikePH because it is SAFER and FASTER. Yes, I feel safer riding a Grab Bike. Every time sumasakay ako ng taxi may takot ako na baka ma holdup ako. Every time sumasakay ako sa mg kaskaserong bus sa EDSA natatakot ako na baka sumalpok na lang kami somewhere. Marami pang mga mayayabang na drivers na akala mo sa kanila ang kalsada. Pero nung nag GrabBike ako, I feel I’m being taken care of. Wala akong worries.  Kaya LTFRB, please bring back GrabBike.

Finally, please give the Filipino commuter a choice. Let us decide for ourselves if we want GrabBike or not. If it will fail to provide the service that the commuters expect of it, it will die a natural death anyway. No need for suspensions. But at least don’t take our freedom to choose away from us and our right to a better service.

LTFRB, please bring back GrabBike.

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