cat vomiting

In cats, vomiting hairball once in a while can be normal occurrence, but frequent cat vomiting than that should always be brought to your vet’s attention because it might be a sign of serious cat health problems. Cat vomiting can be caused by the food they eat.

Causes of Cat Vomiting

If your cat is very energetic and active with no signs of weight loss despite some history of chronic cat vomiting, it is better to find out if an underlying food sensitivity might be involved. Your cat might be reacting to certain chemicals on the diet, like artificial colorings and some added flavorings. It would be best if you switch to a much natural food. I highly suggest switching to grain free cat food. Cat vomiting was prevented when I switched to grain free diet for my cat.

Cat vomiting related to cat food? Every cat food company has their own formula and ingredients in their cat food. That’s why it’s always good to try a variety of brands. But take note that some cats may not eat a totally new brand of cat food they’re not used to. I suggest to blend in the new food over a few days. There should be wet food in every cat’s diet. Why? Because we cat food is more closer to what they actually eat in the wild. Plus, it’s a great source of moisture than dry cat food. Studies show that cat vomiting tends to be less when put on a wet cat food diet. That gives you clues on what might be the root cause of cat vomiting.

Like us humans, food allergies is common to cats, too. Symptoms of cat food allergy includes itchy skin, especially around the neck and the head. Another symptom is gastrointestinal issues. But the most common symptom is cat vomiting. Most cat owners think that their cats throwing up is caused by the sudden change in cat food. But more often than not, it is caused by an allergy to its food. Usually, the allergen responsible is a protein in your cat’s food. Prescription medical hypoallergenic diets can be used to help diagnose the condition and hopefully, minimize cat vomiting.

If changing your cat food and your cat’s diet didn’t solve cat vomiting, then it is time to look for more aggressive solutions. I highly recommend a urinalysis and baseline blood work, followed by further diagnostics as needed to determine the cause of cat vomiting. Another common causes of vomiting in cats is inflammatory bowel disease. I will talk about that in future posts. But for now, don’t take cat vomiting lightly. It might be a sign of something that needs proper attention.