Yesterday, I was checking out one of the GCs in Facebook when someone sent a video. I thought it’s a video of an anime, so I checked it out. What I’ve seen made me sick to the stomach. Like I want to unwatch it, but damage has been done! So upon further snooping on the Web, I found out that what I just saw is Daisy’s Destruction.

What’s the Daisy’s Destruction video?

The video that I saw has a female child tied upside down. She was accompanied by a female adult, naked and wearing a mask. The background is a graphic of what seems to be a dungeon. But I know it’s just a room somewhere. The female then starts doing sexual stuff to the child. She forces the child to eat her pussy, ugh! 🙁 The child is crying like crazy, and to shut her up, the female gagged the mouth of the child with a piece of clothing. The the video became more brutal. The female then put a dildo in the child, and this broke me to pieces. 🙁 She is also hitting the child all over its body. The last part if when she lit a candle and let it drip on the child’s body, especially on the private parts. The video ended there. I do not wanna watch more.

Of note is that there seems to be another person in the room with them handing the adult female the stuff she uses for torture.

 Pedophiles Arrested!

Liezyl Margallo

Daisy’s Destruction’s Liezyl Margallo

The people behind the video, Peter Scully and Liezyl Margallo, have already been arrested. Thank, God!  So the videos were made in the Philippines? Cebu to be exact? Liezyl Margallo is Filipina and Peter Scully is French. My gosh, I wanna slap them both myself! But I’m not a violent person, so I will let the proper authorities deal with them. I just can’t imagine that such sick people exists in this world!

Update: I read that there are 3 videos under Daisy’s Destruction. The 2 I haven’t seen are worse! I have no plans of ever watching it, though. But here’s a little description:

Daisy’s Destruction is a snuff film (a video containing the torture and murder of a living being) made by Peter Scully and an accomplice, Liezl Margallo.

In the film, a masked woman and Peter Scully torture, rape, and eventually kill a young girl, no older than 10. There are many other websites that give you more, er, detailed information, and if it’s gore you’re looking for, search them up. For the sanity of reader, I won’t elaborate.

The video was first released on the “normal” web, but was marked as a hoax, and taken down. The video was put up again, relatively easy to find, in the Dark Web. The video was proof for arresting Peter Scully, and was again taken down. You can still access it, in the darkest parts of Tor.

I just hope people will stop spreading the videos. It’s against the law! I have seen the videos being shared on Facebook. It makes me sick thinking people will actually spread such thing. If you’re reading this, please stop watching and spreading the Daisy Destruction videos! It just shows how horrid some human beings are!

By the way, before accidentally watching Daisy’s Destruction, I thought this is as much pain I could handle:

Daisy's Destruction

I was wrong. 🙁