One of the main reasons to travel and visit different places is the chance to taste the food. I believe food, even if they may look and sound the same, is different from country to country, region to region. Ganun naman talaga, parang sa Pilipinas din, parang yung iba bulalo sa Manila, iba yung sa Tagaytay, pareho naman masarap. My friend Ann did our itinerary, and she said eating in Geographer Cafe is one of the recommended things to do while in Melaka, Malaysia. I haven’t heard of the restaurant. Well, I haven’t heard much about Melaka in the first place! So I’m game to anything this place can offer. Surprise me, Melaka! I don’t like eating spicy food. But whenever I’m in a different country, I try them, at least until I can’t handle the heat anymore.

We arrived in Melaka just in time for lunch. After checking in Hotel Puri, we immediately walked in search for Geographer Cafe. It was very easy to reach from Hotel Puri since that hotel is very near Jonker Street, where the restaurant is located. Jonker Street is like the best street in Melaka. Para syang Malate, maraming bars, restaurants, may mga tsangge sa gabi, mga sidewalk vendors saka karinderya. I love this street. There’s a lot to do and see and taste! Geographer Cafe is strategically located just at the corner of Jonker, so it’s just the perfect place to eat or have a cup of coffee while watching the hustle and bustle of Jonker Street.

 Geographer Cafe: A Melaccan Flare

Geographer Cafe

Geographer Cafe

Geographér Café is conveniently located in a conspicuous corner pre-war shophouse right in the heart of Chinatown, Old Malacca. This eatery with its warm ambience reflects the gracious old charm of the seasoned traveller and truly maintains the tradition in a place where East meets West.

Visitors are provided a window with a “Living Museum” as they keep an exciting look-out for the bustling activities that pulse through the many narrow streets nearby, which are lined with shops, houses and buildings, centuries old. Within walking distance from Geographer Cafe, history is alive in abundance from Geographer Cafe. The oldest Chinese Temple and Muslim Mosque are located on harmony street, a short stroll away. This beautiful old architecture respond to cultural and spiritual expectations from the glorious past till the present day.

The charm of Malacca is spell-binding and timeless. Its proximity to the riverfront made it the location for settlement and development. The Baba Nyonya House situated at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock or formerly known as Heeren Street, is one of the most exquisite, displaying a blend of Dutch and Chinese influences. The Babas were called the Straits Chinese or Peranakans. Their culture is derived from Traditional Chinese with Malay influence. They belong to their own unique community and Malacca is the original birthplace of this clan. Their beautiful homes which contains their heritage structure are located a short distance from Geographer Cafe. – from Geographer’s official website

My Geographer Cafe Experience

Inside Geographer Cafe

Inside Geographer Cafe

When we went inside Geographer Cafe, I immediately took notice of the lantern decorated ceiling. I felt like it set the mood for what’s ahead in Melaka for me: colorful, fun and exciting! We chose to sit at the big table in the middle close to the stairs. There’s not a lot of people when we arrived, but after some time, the restaurant is slowly filling up with groups of tourists wanting to have a bite. The waitress approached us and my initial reaction is that she’s such a cutie! Instant crushie!! I told my friends she reminds me of Jennica Garcia. Of course, I introduced myself to her, but she seems to not speak English well. Ugh, language barrier. Bakit kasi hindi na lang isang language tayong lahat para mas masaya. 🙁 I didn’t get her name and her name tag says “trainee,” but I’ll call her Jennica. So Jennica handed us the menu. Their menu is very nice looking, with pictures and paintings of the cafe and some historical background. Okay, this will not be a food review because I didn’t keep track of what I ordered. All that I remembered is the spring rolls! Because I think I was so hungry and there’s Jennica and I was very distracted, I ended up just pointing to some dish that I think looks delicious. And that’s it. By the way this is that dish. If you know what this is called, then you can comment about it. Though I think it’s just some chicken.

Geographer Cafe

Do you know what this is called?

The serving time is okay, but then there’s not a lot of people when we arrived. (We went back at night and Geographer Cafe is the total opposite, it turns into a bar with live music and a crowd and drinks!) The food that I ordered is delicious and the portion is reasonable. My friends seem to enjoy theirs, too. So no complaints from me in the food department. Then I ordered some springs rolls and they ordered dessert. The spring rolls is so good! I love spring rolls. Geographer Cafe’s spring rolls did not disappoint. I ate a lot of it, actually, I was so full! The desert is also very delicious. I did not eat much of it because I’m afraid my tummy will be upset at that point. We’re just getting started in Melaka, I don’t want to get sick. But it’s so yummy nonetheless.

Geographer Cafe

Our dessert. Hindi ko masyado tinikman natakot ako sa LBM. hahaha.

Geographer Cafe

The spring rolls that I was talking about. Masarap!

Overall, Geographer Cafe is a good place to chill while planning the rest of your stay in Melaka. That’s what we did. This is also good for people who just want to have a cup of their favorite drinks and watch people along Jonker Street. No wonder this is one of the popular and most recommended restaurants in the area. But for me, I will visit Geographer Cafe more for the experience rather than the food.

Hello from Geographer cafe!

Hello from Geographer Cafe!


G e o g r a p h é r  C a f é
83, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
Tel: +60 6 281 6813 Fax: +60 6 281 6613

Business Hour:
10:00am – 1:00am (Monday – Saturday)
8:00am – 1:00am (Sunday)