homemade cat treats

Making homemade cat treats is no different from making homemade treats for your friends and family. Come to think of it, many of us treat our cats the way we treat humans. In making homemade cat treats, you have to  make sure your cat gets the proper nutrients and feed them a healthy diet. Before starting, you may want to check out some common human foods that are poisonous to cats. Now that you know what not to feed your cats, it’s time to find out how feeding our cats and kittens homemade cat treats is fun and easy!

Like a parent, you would rather have your kid eat snacks like fruits instead of junk foods. In short, you want your children to have a healthy and nutritious diet. I’m sure you’re feeling the same way about your cats. It is easy to get commercial cat food, but I’m sure your cat will be much better if you will feed her homemade cat treats and not the cat’s equivalent to junk food. I know that preparing your own homemade cat treat might require more work than just buying off commercial cat food, but there sure is greater benefits to your cat.

Benefits of Homemade Cat Treats

1. Because you prepared your homemade cat treat yourself, you know the ingredients and what’s in it. This way, you can make sure all ingredients in your cat’s food are safe and healthy.

2. In the long run, making homemade cat treats is more affordable than those you see in stores.

3. If you make your cat’s treats yourself, you can decide on the amount. You can buy ingredients in bulk, which is more cost effective, and then prepare homemade cat treats that will last for a few weeks. You can just refrigerate what your cat won’t consume.

4. There’s much more joy watching you cats eat hommeade cat treats that you yourself prepared.

5. Buy preparing and giving your cats homemade cat treat, you can show and make them feel that you care for them.

Homemade Cat Treat Recipe

Here is one homemade cat treat you can make for your cats.

Mackerel Munchies:

1/2 cup canned mackerel (drained)

1 tsp vegetable oil

1/2 tsp brewers yeast (optional)
1 cup whole grain breadcrumbs

1 beaten egg

Preheat oven to 350 Fahrenheit. Using a large bowl, mash drained mackerel into pieces using a fork. Combine with vegetable oil, breadcrumbs, egg and brewers yeast if desired. Mix them well. Drop mixture by 1/4 teaspoon into a greased cookie sheet. Bake for 8 mins. Take out and let it cool and then refrigerate.

Tip: Store homemade cat treats in a tightly air-sealed container so they will not dry out quickly and be hard for your cats to chew.