cat bath

Do you find cat bath such a stressful task for you and your cat? Cats hate water, and giving them a bath will show solid proof of this. Most cats don’t like the idea of getting close to the bathing area, let alone being close to water. Since cats groom themselves well everyday, most people will tell us that cats don’t need frequent bathing. However, occasional baths is necessary to maintain your cat’s personal hygiene. Cat bath can be a tiresome process, unless you follow the right procedures on how to bathe a cat.

How To Bathe A Cat

You will need: Towel, cat comb, cat shampoo, some cat toy

Preparing for Cat Bath. Before you start washing your cat, make sure all your cat’s nails are properly trimmed to reduce the risk of scratching. If you have a long-haired cat, brush its coat thoroughly before the bath cat. It is also important that you wear proper clothes while washing your cat. It is advisable to wear a rubber wetsuit for protection. Position everything you need for the cat bath strategically in the shower. Once everything has been properly arranged, it’s time to get your cute cat or kitty. Pick the cat up slowly like you always does when you’re petting it.

The Cat Bath. Once inside the bathroom, speed is of utmost importance. In one single, smooth motion, shut the door of the bathroom and put the cat into the water. Do not forget to place a rubber mat in the tub or the shower floor. Dip a washcloth in warm water and gently wipe the area around your cat’s eyes. A few drops of mineral oil into the cat’s eyes will protect it from soap. Make sure you have a good quality cat shampoo. You can use flea shampoos if you feel like you cat has fleas. For long-haired cats, a conditioner will prevent the hair from tangling. To divert your cat’s attention, the best way would be is to give its favorite cat toy or to talk to your cat. After you’ve washed your cat, blot his legs and tail with a paper towel, since these areas tend to absorb water a lot, then take your cat out of the sink/tub/shower and wrap it in a towel.

Now that you know how to bathe a cat, this would be an easy task for you to do and less stressful for your cats. If you still find the whole “washing a cat” process tedious, you can try using water-less cat shampoos.