I’ve never been to Intramuros before. My first face-to-face encounter with Manila’s oldest district is through the Intramuros Ghost Walk. The ghost walk is organized by a group named Profilers of the Unknown. Good thing that I was able to join the event for free. Thanks to Ms. Jade Martin. You can visit their page at Center for Paranormal Studies. They have more events, and if not free, they only ask for a minimal fee. I read they also have a Baguio Ghost Walk. I would consider joining it, too, in the future.

Intramuros ghost walk

Welcome to Intramuros. Meeting place is the McDonald’s at the back.

Care for a walk?

“You’ll never know how beautiful Intramuros is at night..but there is more to the beauty of this 166-acre Walled City, which is the oldest district of Manila. Lurking in there are memories and the ghosts of its dark past.”

Last January 30, 2016, I joined the Intramuros Ghost Walk. Ms. Jade Martin told me that I can bring companions with me. I tagged along a friend since walking along the historic Intramuros at night, let alone doing a dark tour and exploring paranormal, is no fun if you’re not sharing the experience with a friend.

The Intramuros Ghost Walk started around 7PM. All the ghost walk participants were gathered by our guide, Sir Clyde Casipit. We were a briefing. We were told to avoid using flash photography if we want a chance to capture ghosts; to stay calm, always breathe in and out to avoid possession (this scared me a little); in case you encounter something paranormal, do not panic or scream; STAY CALM again and most importantly, have fun! It’s showing signs of rain that night, and it worried some participants. But Sir Clyde assured us that it won’t rain in a manner so cool, like he did some sort of magic to prevent the rain from falling (and he’s right, it didn’t rain).

Sir Clyde Casipit giving us a briefing

Sir Clyde Casipit giving us a briefing

What is the Intramuros Ghost Walk

My first impression when I heard about the Intramuros ghost walk is that it’s similar to a ghost hunt. But Ms. Jade martin, one of the organizers, said that the intramuros ghost walk is not a ghost hunting event. This is a dark tour, an Intramuros tour with a twist. If ever we experience something paranormal, consider that a bonus. Ms. Jade also said that they decided to conduct the ghost walk as a way to rekindle the people’s interest in Intramuros. I am glad to be able to be one of the participants because this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while.

I am not going to tell every ghost stories and every turns we made in Intramuros. I would want you to experience this for yourself. But I will tell some stories and events that I find interesting. As the name suggests, the Intramuros Ghost Walk is a 3-hour walk around the walled city at night. Be prepared to get your feet working. Wear comfortable shoes. The path is not always easy, some are rocky. Natapilok pa nga ako. It’s composed of 2 parts with a 15-minute break in between. The second part is my favorite, darker and more demonic. By around 10PM, we’re done where we started from. I am happy to finally be able to explore Intramuros, and to explore it with this kind of twist is more than I asked for.


Intramuros ghost walk

The haunted Watchtower. This is me checking out the watchtower. A lady guard is said to have died here and still guards this spot.

intramuros wall

Behind the door is where dead bodies are dropped and piled up from the top of the wall. You can feel the negative energy of the those people killed.

intramuros ghost walk

Ghosts of priests are reported to be seen here. This has been locked now because of the sightings.


We were told to look up. A castle, 2 fairies and 2 kapre have been reported to exist in this tree. We were told these elemental entities are harmless and enjoys being “explored”. Chances of seeing them are high.


Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM). Beware the ghost mass. A security guard witnessed a mass being heldin the PLM chapel  at around 3am in the morning. He went missing for 3 days.


Lyceum of the Philippines. A woman with no arms and legs lurks in one of the female bathrooms. A ghost of a child plays in the hallways.


Poltergeist activity has been reported in this space that the restaurant occupying it moved out. Until now, no one dared to lease this space.

Aduana Building or Custom House

Aduana Building or Custom House. Resembling the famous Diplomat Hotel in Baguio, this house is said to be very dangerous due to high demonic presence. A portal is said to be active inside, acting as door for the demons to go in and out of our world. We were told to stay away.

intramuros ghost walk

The scariest part of the Intramuros Ghost Walk. This is a tunnel leading to a bartolina. Dead bodies of prisoners used to be dragged here. We were told to focus are eyes through the tunnel. We were supposed to see a woman and a soldier. Our guide can feel and hear them. They there with us at that moment.

manila cathedral

Manila Cathedral. Stories of abortion. If you’re lucky, you will see a ghost of nun walking across the door at night.

breakup park

Breakup Park. A white lady haunts this area crying. Ms. Jade Martin felt a lot of negative energy here. She said the park is called “breakup park” due to the number of breakups that happen there.

black lady

Black Lady. This area sees a black lady crossing the street.


Tyanaks. In an open area near here, demonic babies crawling are reported. An area known to be a dump site of aborted babies.

mcdonalds intramuros

Most haunted? Our last spot is where we started from. The 2nd floor of the building where the McDonald’s is located is said to be very haunted. Active paranormal activities are often reported. Ghost of a child and a woman is often seen in the female washroom of LPU Culinary Institute.

Intramuros Ghost Walk

Intramuros Ghost Walk Batch 2, January 30, 2016.