Chef Jayps Anglo’s Kafe Batwan came as a surprise. I have a friend who lives in Manansala Tower. It’s the condo near Rockwell Powerplant Mall. I’m not sure if there’s any truth to this, but he said he lives same floor with Georgina Wilson, and that Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes also owns a unit there. So yes, point taken, this is an affluent area, as if I care about that kind of stuff. Anyway, my friend’s name is Aaron. So in one of those beautiful mornings, I got an invite from Aaron to spend breakfast in his place. Hmm, sounds like a good idea. Since I work at night, I went there straight from work. 

Instead of cooking in his condo, we decided to just eat breakfast outside. I’ve never strolled around this area of Makati. This is all so foreign to me. But I noticed that the neighborhood is really nice. We stumbled upon a Pancake House, which I like. But there’s a lot of people and Aaron wants to eat somewhere less crowded. He brought me somewhere else, somewhere I have never eaten before, and that is Kafe Batwan.

Breakfast at Kafe Batwan

Kafe Batwan

Kafe Batwan Interior

Kafe Batwan looks simple from the outside. But once we opened the door and got inside, wow, the interior is very sophisticated and ingenious. I can’t help but gaze around admiring those cute little light bulbs that hang from the ceiling. The place looks so neat. And most of all, it is not crowded! Kafe Batwan is perfect if you want to spend a morning by yourself. I saw what seems to be a piece of paper on the table. Oh, it’s their menu! How cute!

Kafe Batwan's Menu

Kafe Batwan’s Menu

Looking at the menu, they have very Filipino dishes, ranging from kansi corned beef to dried fish with kesong puti. The Madrid fusion super batchoy looks interesting, too, promising to have a 12-hour soup stock. And what about the Inasal Burrito with pumpkin salsa and fresh green chili sauce? They’re a little pricey, so I’m hoping the taste will make up for it. I ended up having their Tsokolate Tsamporado with gourmet tuyo because I miss my mom’s tsamporado and tuyo is my all-time breakfast favorite.

kafe batwan

My Breakfast… Tsokolate Tsamporado with gourmet tuyo, PHP 220

Serving time is fast. I don’t drink coffee, so I just had water. Okay, the tsamporado is pure heaven! I just love how it’s so purong tsokolate without feeling like you’re going to have diabetes afterwards. It’s creamy and tasty. The milk that you mix with it, I love how they put it in a separate jar. There’s major mixing/playing that went on there for a while when I felt like I’m mixing paint. Don’t worry, I’m just being a goofball. I love this tsamporado! The gourmet tuyo is also good, if not a little salty. But I love them salty so I’m all good. I miss eating tuyo and this surely relieved me of my craving. But you know what I would have loved? Smelling the tuyo while it’s being fried. These little dried fish just gives out the most delectable smell when they’re put on a hot pan. It gets me to a natural high hahaha… ginawang marijuana?

kafe batwan

My View

Overall, Kafe Batwan shows promise. Of course, I’ve only eaten once and with a simple breakfast dish. But given the chance, I probably would come back and try a full blown meal. If the tsamporado is the bomb, then I’ wonder if the other items on their menu would create more explosions.


Kafe Batwan


Address: GF, Joya Tower, 28 Puaza Drive,Rockwell Center, Makati, 1201 Metro Manila
Hours: 10AM–10PM