Who doesn’t love good food? What more, Filipino comfort food? Me, I do know I love myself some sinigang, especially my mom’s! So last November, when a friend of mine, Corinne, came home from New Zealand and asked for a meetup in Manam Greenbelt (formerly named NamNam), I got excited. First, I’ve never eaten at Manam. I just love tasting something for the first time, and I’m expecting something new from this restaurant. Second, I found out Manam is mainly Filipino. That’s also somehow new for me because I rarely eat out for Filipino food. My mom is my chef when it comes to my favorite Pinoy dishes, and I’m not complaining! Though I admit I have my reservations because I rarely eat in the Greenbelt area to begin with. I find the food to be pricey for the little serving they give you. And I know myself, I’m a little stingy when it comes to spending money (unless it’s a cool gadget). But it’s been 6 years since I last saw Corinne, and it’s not the right time to think about expenses.

Home of the best sisig in Manila, Manam specializes in serving up Filipino food in classics and twists, perfect for any occasion. A homegrown concept of the Moment Group of Restaurants PH, the Filipino-themed restaurant is highly rated and recommended by top food and travel sites. Among its most popular offerings are its signature House Crispy Sisig and the original Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon.

Try the best sisig in the metro today – head to Manam’s branches in Greenbelt, SM Mall of Asia, and Ayala Fairview Terraces. Trust us – you’ll never look at your favorite Filipino dishes the same way again. – Manam’s Facebook Page

Manam Comfort Filipino

Manam: Comfort Filipino


First Taste of Manam

I arrived really late for our meetup. It was a busy Halloween. By the time I arrived in Manam, they’re already done with their meals. But hey, I went there mainly to meet Corinne, so all is good. I still ordered food for myself, though. I got myself their crispy sisig. I love sisig. I almost always order sisig whenever I eat in a restaurant for the first time. This is not an exception. The serving time was kinda poor… or maybe they just forgot about it. Because when I followed up my order, they were able to serve it in an instant. Makes me think that my order is just hanging out, having a good time on their counter for some time. It’s okay, I’m not an impatient customer. Anyway, their sisig is so good! It’s so crispy and tasty. The serving size is medyo bitin, but for regular eaters who eat just a cup of rice per meal, that would be more than enough. I ordered extra rice kasi, patay gutom lang talaga ang peg ko. LMAO. Pero I really enjoyed the sisig that I know I will eat here again and taste what more they can offer. After dinner, we hang out in The Draft in front and had a few drinks and shared some ghost stories. I really enjoyed this night.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


If It Tastes Good, Eat Again

My second time at Manam, I went with a friend. This time I’m prepared for an all-out eating spree. Pardon my language, but I’m gonna be fucking fat pig tonight. We arrived in time for dinner, but there’s already a queue of people waiting to get a seat. I usually just go find another place to it when there’s a queue, but this time it’s different. I went here in Greenbelt for Manam. I will eat in Manam. I just thought to myself, “Kung pinipilahan, ibig sabihin masarap.” There’s not really a waiting area in front of Manam. There are 2 chairs, that’s it. My friend sat on the chair while I say at the stairs leading to 8 Cuts Burger Blends. We decided to order our food while waiting. I asked for the menu. It was my friend’s first time here, so we have some time to check out their food.

Manam Menu

A variety of delicious food to choose from

Their menu is really organized and interesting. I love how they divided their menu into Classics and Twists. I love classic Filipino food. But the dishes on the Twists side are really tempting. Then they have the Lupa and Dagat. I love how they put a Filipino touch on the way they present their menu. After all, it’s the first thing that their diners see before the actual food. In terms of serving size, they are categorized as Single, Medium and Large. Single for 1 person, medium for 3 and large for 6. We decided we want to have Laing, Sizzling Bangus Belly Sisig, Gising Gising, Sinigang na Beef Short Rib & Watermelon, Gata Leche Flan, Lemonade and White Rice. I told you I’m going to pig out tonight. I am not kidding! *evil grin*


Manam’s Interior

So we finally get inside Manam. We got a nice coach seat at the side. I took a snap of the people eating inside. The restaurant is not big. It’s quite small, I feel a little cramped with all these people. But the shops and restaurants in Greenbelt seem to be generally small anyways. The washroom is also near the dining area as well. But I love the chandeliers and the mirrors. Oh, and it can get really noisy with the chit chattering around. My friend noticed that it’s hard to converse with all the people around. Benefit of the doubt though, maybe we just got into a really talkative lot and some other time with a different set of people, this will be a good place to have a nice conversation. Anyway, enough of that. Let’s get to the best part… the food!

Bon Appetit!

Manam's Gising Gising

Manam’s Gising Gising (Single)

As appetizer, I tried the Gising Gising. I don’t even think this is an appetizer at all. And I hate spicy food! I ordered because a friend of mine recommended Gising Gising from Recipes, another restaurant here in Greenbelt. The name of the dish itself makes me think this will be very spicy, and I probably won’t like it. I took my first spoonful and wow…. it’s so good! Yes , it’s hot, but the taste and the creaminess makes me not mind how spicy it is. It’s so delicious. I love how the coconut milk is not overpowering. I don’t feel like it’s gonna make me wanna go to the bathroom afterwards. LMAO. One point for Manam!


Manam's Laing (Single)

Manam’s Laing (Single)

Now it’s time to taste their Laing. My first reaction when I saw the Laing is that it’s very similar to the Gising Gising that I just had. Parehong gulay na may gata, redundant, juskopo sa LBM. But I was wrong. The Laing is different in itself. It feels like it melts in your mouth. The taste is a little sweet, but just enough to balance with the coconut milk. This is a must try. Can Manam put up something that’s not delicious?


Manam's Bangus Belly Sisig

Manam’s Bangus Belly Sisig (Single)

I probably said a hundred times, whenever I talk about food, that I love Sisig. This is my ultimate Filipino comfort food. I love how I can easily eat Sisig anywhere and at any time. And of course, the best pulutan any legit drinker *ahem* can have! Manam’s Sizzling Bangus Belly Sisig is not an exception. They tagged this (the pork one, at least) as the best Sisig in Manila, and I think I can agree. I tasted the pork sisig, and I love it. I have doubts when my friend ordered the bangus belly version, but I ended up liking it as well. Not as good as the Manam favorite crispy pork sisig, but still good nonetheless.

Sinigang na Beef Short Rib & Watermelon (Single)

Sinigang na Beef Short Rib & Watermelon (Single)

Now to the main dish, the hero of the night. I wanted to order the classic Sinigang, since it’s one of my favorite Filipino dish. I ended up being curious about the watermelon bits in the Twists side of Sinigang, so I ordered that one instead. The name? Sinigang na Beef Short Ribs & Watermelon a.k.a. AWESOME. I fucking love this heaven in a bowl! Seriously, napamura talaga ako sa sarap! The watermelon part may be weird at first, but it blends well with the taste. The dish is tangy enough with all these spices that makes me want to go back for more. And go back I would! I love this Sinigang so much, I recommended it in my Facebook account for all my friends. I even said it’s probably the best sinigang I’ve tasted! My mom will not be pleased. *grins*

Gata Leche Flan

Gata Leche Flan (Medium)

Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite… dessert! Our desert is also with a twist, Gata Leche Flan. By this time, I’ve eaten a hell lot out of that Sinigang that I should not bother eating dessert at all. I’m so full!!! But I have to taste this Gata Leche Flan because I haven’t had enough of my gata fix for the day. LMAO. But seriously, this one tastes so good, creamy, not too sweet. It won’t give you the “Diabetes Pa More” feeling after you finish a serving.


How about the Lemonade?

Manam’s Lemonade is just like that, lemonade. Nothing special. I probably tasted better. But with the delicious food I just tasted, I wouldn’t even mind if this tastes like water.


Manam dinner

My dinner Manam style

Overall, I would definitely 100% will be a repeat customer here in Manam. I would maybe try their other locations to know if they serve the same delicious food, or if it’s the chef here in Greenbelt that’s doing a job super well done. If you’re just the area, call me and let’s have dinner here. *winks*


Manam Comfort Filipino

Address: Central Bus. Dist. Unit 105 G/F Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St. cor. Greenbelt Dr. Ayala Center, Makati City, Esperanza St, Makati, Metro Manila