Meiji Amino Collagen

Meiji Amino Collagen

What am I doing with a refill pack of Meiji Amino Collagen? I don’t know if you can call me vain. Maybe. Maybe not. My being vain is like the oil on my face, “combination.” Sometimes I wanna look good, I put a lot of stuff on my face… but some days, I just don’t care. I sometimes even sleep without washing my face. So my vanity is up for debate. Maybe you can call it “bipolar vanity disorder,” if there’s such thing.

Lately, I joined a Viber group with people who knows a lot about looking good. They talk about beauty products a whole lot! I currently left that group because I felt like I’m being fed with a lot of vanity, and it’s getting evil for me. What I meant by evil is that they’re indirectly tempting me to try different products and procedures that I normally wouldn’t even consider. I’m trying to avoid any kind of additional expense lately.

Anyway, before I left, they were going gaga over this collagen thing. I have no idea what the heck is a collagen at that time. But they said that it will make you look young, fresh and have really glowing skin. Is it like glutathione? I really don’t know other than the fact that it’s in powder form and allegedly smells and tastes like fish. Two of them ordered it and some has been using it, and they love the results. I got really curious to the point I researched and bought one for myself. And then I left the group. LMAO. Because this will be the last vanity thing I’m going to do, or so I hope.

Where did I buy my Meiji Amino Collagen?

At first I was told that you can only buy Meiji amino collagen through online sellers. Japanichi seems to be a popular choice. If you’re used to buying stuff online, then go ahead and purchase Meiji collagen there. They seem legit anyways. But I’m not really fond of ordering items online. I don’t have the patience to wait for the items to arrive, and the possible risks that come with an online purchase. So I searched on where can I go to buy Meiji collagen. I asked around, went through malls nearby. No luck. Until, of course, a girl friend tells me to check out Cash and Carry because she saw some shops there that might sell these kinds of products. (Hooray for having a reliable girl friend who knows a lot!). I live near Cash and Carry in Makati, why did I not think of that? So I went there and voila, they have what I’m looking for! They both have the ones in can and the refill pack. They also have other collagen products, but different brands. So this is a good place to shop for stuff you think you can only buy online. I swear there’s a lot of imported goods! Okay, back to Meiji Amino Collagen. So I asked the price:

Meiji Amino Collagen Price

Meiji Amino Collagen in Can

Meiji Amino Collagen Price

Meiji Amino Collagen Refill


Okay, so upon comparison, it’s cheaper to buy Meiji collagen online. Japanichi has the Meiji Amino collagen in can for Php 1,390. The refill pack also sells for Php 1,390. Same price, but I was told the refill has more powder, but has no scooper. That’s around Php 200 saving. The shipping fee and the delivery time somewhat offsets the savings. So if you have time and you’re in Makati and near Cash and Carry, I suggest you just buy your collagen there. I bought one refill pack. It’s small. I’m not sure how it will last for 28 days? Here’s my purchase:

Meiji Amino Collagen

My Meiji Amino Collagen

meiji amino collagen

I don’t have the can, so I store my Meiji Amino Collagen refill pack inside my refrigerator. Please someone tell me if this shouldn’t be stored like this or if it will affect the collagen.

I don’t have the scooper, so I just use a tablespoon. I don’t think this will last me for a month. I tend to get messy and I usually put 1 tablespoon and more. I might buy the can next time so I will get the scooper, then buy the refills afterwards. Meiji Amino Collagen looks and somewhat smells like powdered milk. I first tried mixing the powdered collagen with my orange juice and I don’t like the taste. I can taste the Meiji collagen and they are right, it tastes like fish. LMAO. I then tried mixing it with my coffee, and I actually like it. I now drink Meiji Amino collagen every morning as a creamer to my coffee. You won’t even notice that it’s there. So my suggestion is to drink Meiji collagen with coffee. And there’s no aftertaste, at least for me.

Hello, everyone! I'm now ready to drink my Meiji Amino Collagen

Hello, everyone! I’m now ready to drink my Meiji Amino Collagen

So does Meiji Collagen work?

As of writing, I’ve been drinking Meiji collagen for 5 days. I’m not sure if this is enough time to notice any difference. But I will tell you my observations so far.

  • 2 days into drinking Meiji Amino Collagen, I had pimple at the back of my neck near my hairline. It is nothing serious, though. No breakout on my face, as you can see in my pictures.
  • No lose bowel movement, tummy ache or any discomfort. It feels like I just drink milk.
  • The skin on my face feels softer. I have oily to combination skin. But now, when I get really oily, it feels less icky. Before, I hate it when I’m so oily, I feel so dirty. But now, it doesn’t oil that bad and if it does, it has this silky feel to it. I don’t know how to explain it. But the condition definitely improved.
  • The glow. I’m not sure if it’s there already. I highly doubt it this early. But one of my office mates complimented my skin last night. She said my skin looks good lately. Hmmm.. coincidence?

Obviously, it’s way too early to rave about the product. I’m only 5 days into it, people, #calmyotitties. LOLZ. But I might give an update maybe after 30 days or after I finished my first pack. So far, with the way things are progressing with my Meiji Amino Collagen, seems like I’m going to purchase my 2nd pack. I think it works. I can feel the difference. Let ‘s see long term if this will continue. I’m actually excited about the result! Don’t fail me, Meiji! Collagen pa more!!!

Until then, see you!

Meiji Amino Collagen

Meiji Amino Collagen

This is not a paid review. If you have questions, please feel free to comment and I will try my best to reply. 🙂