When we went to Malaysia (September 2015), there are 2 things that my friend keeps on raving about… the meatballs in Ikea and Nando’s peri-peri chicken. I have to admit that I’ve never heard Nando’s before. I was even thinking to myself, “So yung Andok’s dito sa Pilipinas ginaya ng Nando’s or is it the other way around?” I have no clue, other than my friend’s story about Beyonce ordering pounds and pounds of Nando’s peri-peri chicken to be served in one of her parties. Apparently, Beyonce is a fan of Nando’s. I really don’t know about that.

Nando’s Kuala Lumpur

There’s no Nando’s in the Philippines. It would be funny to think that I traveled thousands of miles to Malaysia just for a chicken in a restaurant I’ve never heard before. Of course, that’s not really the case, though eating food that’s alien to me is a welcome addition. We arrived in Kuala Lumpur just past dinner time, and I haven’t eaten at all. So after checking in at the hotel, our first rule of business is to find a good place to eat! In short, PATAY GUTOM MODE ON.

Syempre Nando’s agad ang hinanap namin. Ayaw paawat ng friend ko eh, Nando’s na Nando’s na raw sya. To our delight, they have a store inside Nu Sentral mall, which happens to be just across the hotel we’re staying. It’s almost the mall’s closing time, but we made it and there’s not much people inside (I read there’s usually a queue of people here and it’s hard to get a seat, so I guess we’re lucky or maybe it’s too late of a night already in Kuala Lumpur).  Yes, we’re finally here at Nando’s!!!


Nando’s NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Love At First Taste?

At first, I thought Nando’s is a local Malaysian restaurant. Yun nga, naisip ko na ito yung version nila ng Andok’s.  But I was wrong. It has its origins in South Africa. And the story is that Portuguese explorers looking for the legendary “spice route” accidentally stumbled upon Africa and its African Bird’s Eye Chili, a spice that eventually will be known around the world as Peri-Peri. The Portuguese then used this spice to concoct different sauces to their heart and taste bud’s desire. And fast forward to decades later, Fernando Duarte and Robbie Brozin ate in a humble Portuguese eatery in South Africa. They fell in love with the chicken marinated in peri-peri sauce.  They say it’s the best chicken they’ve ever tasted. Thus, the birth of Nando’s. Nando’s is not just in Malaysia, it’s also in other parts of the world, like the U.S., Singapore and Canada. Malas lang wala sila sa Pilipinas. Wala bang gusto mag franchise nito dito?

nando's menu

We ordered the Jumbo Platter because we’re seriously hungry. So they marinade their chicken overnight making sure the flavor goes through. Just knowing how they cook this chicken makes me already excited to take a bite. There’s no preservatives or any colorants. They also trim the chicken’s excess fat before throwing them into the grill. They really are so passionate about their peri-peri chicken.

Nando's Chicken

Hello, Peri-peri Chicken! I’m sorry, but I can’t wait to eat you.

The peri-peri chicken is delicious! This is my first time to taste this, and I love it. We’re in Malaysia, so I don’t think this is authentic Portuguese chicken like what they said it should be. But who would care when it tastes this good! I’m thinking this chicken will be best paired with the peri-peri fries. The flavor is just so rich. You get what you paid for. Another thing I like about this is the different sauces that come with it. Pei-peri should be synonymous to sauces. It’s the heart and soul of it. It’s what gives this dish a different kick. After all, Peri-peri is said to be a spice so nice, it’s named twice!


Try out their different sauces


  • Extra Hot – Suicide level hotness. Evoke tears of joy with its flavor for serious chili lovers. If it’s a serious amount of heat and flavor you’re after, Extra Hot PERi-PERi will spice things up big time!
  • Hot – If you just want to spice things up. Packed with flavor and just the right amount of heat, Hot PERi-PERi’s the perfect way to turn a meal into a tasty and fiery treat!
  • Mild – A little warmer, just perfect for those looking for an adventure. Packed with flavor and a generous dash of heat, Medium PERi-PERi brings the sunshine and warmth of Africa right onto your plate!
  • Lemon & Herb – For beginners or those who like lots of flavors, but not too much heat. Filled with the taste of sun-ripened lemons and fresh herbs, Lemon & Herb PERi-PERi is packed with flavor with a dash of heat.

I don’t like spicy food. But Nando’s hot sauces are not as bad as I thought it will be. Even the suicide level hotness is tolerable for me. Of course, my friend who loves to eat hot and spicy food is completely satisfied with this delicious, tasty thing.

Nando's Chicken

I just can’t get enough of this platter. I’m not sure if it’s overpriced. But it is delicious!

This is my drink. I forgot what this is one is called. It's also good.

This is my drink. I forgot what this is one is called. It’s also good.



nandos chicken

After a chicken massacre! I will definitely come back here!





L4-05, Level 4, Nu Sentral, No. 201, Jalan Tun Sambathan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur

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