I hate reptiles. I hate snakes. I just have to say that now before you guys laugh at me for being such a pussy. We went to Bohol, and I have no idea that our itinerary includes visiting a giant snake named Prony the Python. Like WTF am I going to do with a FREAKING GIANT PYTHON?!? I get goosebumps just thinking about it. But since I’m already here in Bohol, mind as well face my fears? *SHRUGS*

Prony the Python

The picture already scares the shit out of me. Oh, yes, that’s a huge snake!

Largest Python in Captivity?

Upon entering, we were told to just walk along a pathway. No one is guiding us, so we didn’t really know where to go or what to look for, which makes it scarier for me because I kept on imagining that a giant snake will just pop out of nowhere! I swear, I kept on looking at the trees, baka kasi andun yung anaconda parang sa movie. HAHAHA. But nothing really scary, just some animals, monkeys in particular, inside cages. I’m thinking this is like a mini zoo, right? I mean, I don’t want to think that these poor animals in cages serve as Prony’s food! Though I read somewhere that they used to feed Prony the Python with dogs during full moon. Sounds bad, but can anyone from Bohol confirm it? I would want to think it’s just a rumor.

Face to Face with Prony the Python

Then we came upon a huge cage, more like a room. And there he is, Prony, curled up inside, probably sleeping and doesn’t wanna be disturbed. Okay, I’m just thinking that. You know when you’re so scared and you keep on thinking to yourself, “Natutulog sya, magagalit yan kapag naistorbo,” and all those stuff that only magnifies your fears? Yes, I’m guilty of doing it. Kaya iba talagaang level ng takot ko that moment. I know I’m scared of snakes, but I didn’t imagine myself to be this scared! Shit, there’s no way I’m going to touch or even come close to Prony the Python. Wag na uy!

prony snake

There are other snakes outside Prony’s room. You can pick them up and take pictures with them for a fee. No way I’m gonna do that, though.

Good thing there’s Marimar, a she-male who serves as Prony’s keeper, or bestfriend as she calls herself. Okay, here’s a surprise twist. Marimar told us that the Prony we’re looking at right now is not the original Prony the Python. The original Prony died in 2013, and this one is his offspring. They decided to also name her Prony to continue the legacy. Well, I don’t really care, a snake is a snake, and this 2nd generation Prony is a carbon copy of the original one… it’s also huge and looks menacing! There’s still no way I’m going to touch it.

By the way, Marimar is very entertaining. She’s a character! I love her. She told us she can also sing and dance, and sometimes she performs there with the snakes. Funny, she asked if I’m British. Tagalog naman salita ko, paano nya naisip na hindi ako Pinoy? Luh!

Prony, Be Nice to Me!

The real thrill began when they told us to get inside Prony the Python’s cage. I am second thinking the idea. I just don’t trust snakes. Besides, I just watched a video on Facebook a few days ago about a girl who was bitten on her nose by a supposedly friendly snake.

See? You can’t be 100% sure what these snakes will do. And given Prony’s huge size, if he does that to anyone, he can eat their entire head! WTF! Okay, I really should stop scaring myself more. Elmer just entered the cage, so I guess I have to follow. I don’t wanna be such a killjoy.

prony the python

Me, Elmer and Prony the Python!

Marimar told us to relax because Prony can smell fear. More WTF!!! Langya, hindi na nga ko humihinga eh! Parang pinagtatawanan na nga ako ng driver namin kasi kitang kita raw sa mukha ko ang takot. We took a couple of pictures. Elmer is trying to hold Prony’s head up… like please… that is so dangerous and scary…. Elmer’s so brave… but he should stop doing that because I’m scared shitless. While Elmer is touching Prony here and there, I was able to touch her for like half a millisecond. Sorry, I just can’t do it. Maybe next time.

By the way, remember when I said the original Prony the Python is dead? Well, they kept a mummified version of her in another room! He is bigger than the new one, but I can only imagine a few years from now when the new Prony gets as huge! I’m not excited to come back. LMAO. I took a picture with the original Prony, of course. I figured this is as safe as I could get taking a picture with a giant snake.

original prony

The original Prony the Python of Bohol… or what’s left of her.