The iconic Christ Church Melaka, Malaysia. But let me just say this first, I LOVE MELAKA! This place is giving me Vigan vibes and I feel so at home here. I am loving the simplicity of the place and the humble ways of the people. And the rich culture that is reflected all over the place is just overwhelming for me. I can see myself living here. Promise, hindi yan bola.

One of the beautiful places we visited during our stay in Melaka, Malaysia is the Christ Church. I still remember on our first day here, we were riding a taxi to Hotel Puri, then I noticed this red building and walls. It’s so prominent that it stuck to my mind. Wala pa akong idea kung ano ba iyon, pero sa isip ko gusto kong puntahan iyong Pulang Building. Later that day, I will learn that, that “Pulang Building” is actually the beautiful Christ Church Melaka.

Christ Church Melaka

Christ Church Melaka aka Pulang Building

Christ Church Melaka Through Time

Located along Jalan Gereja, or more popularly know as Church Street, the Christ Church Melaka is probably one of Melaka’s defining and famous buildings. This church has a solid history behind it. Christ Church in Melaka was built by the Dutch right after they took control of Melaka from the Portuguese. The design is very beautiful, with its brick-red walls, rich greens in a little park in front and a white cross at the top. Just like me, I’m sure you will immediately recognize this historic beauty.

Christ Church Melaka

How can you not fall in love in a place like this?

Since Christ Church is just a short distance from Hotel Puri, where we’re staying, we decided to just walk our way to it. Ang sarap maglakad sa Melaka. Makipot ang kalsada pero feel na feel mo talaga ang culture nila. It’s like every corner and every street has a story to tell. Ang lakas maka “true beauty.” (Inside joke namin yan, na kapag may event or place na nagpaparealize sayo na maging mabuting tao, true beauty moment yun. In reference sa reality show na True Beauty). There’s also a lot of museums and shops along the way, and restaurants and chicken rice balls! I will make sure to check them out before we leave.

Malayo pa lang kitang kita na ang Pulang Building. Andun pa lang kami sa bridge patawid ng kalsada papuntang Christ Church, iba na ang pakiramdam ko. Ang saya saya ko! Siguro dahil church pa rin ito, sarap mag muni-muni at hanapin ang sarili. The small park in front, the water fountain and the colorful rickshaws around it just add to the happy ambiance of the place. Maybe I’m not really a city guy. Masaya ako sa ganitong lugar.

Christ Church Melaka

I love Christ Church Melaka. My face is already burning. I forgot it’s noon and we’re walking around under the sun. I have no sunblock on. Huwag gayahin nakakasunog.


That fountain at the back fits right in

One regret I have is not going inside the church or even getting close to it. Maybe it’s because of the heat or the beautiful surroundings that got us distracted from the main attraction. Ugh. I would love to see the interior. Old churches always have amazing interiors. But I think the main culprit is the Stadthuys, a city hall,  sitting beside Christ Church. The Stadthuys is like the heart of Melaka. I remember we took shelter in it right after we take a quick feel of the Christ Church Melaka’s environment. The Stadhuys is almost like a twin brother of the church. They both have red-brick colored walls. To go with the red theme, there’s also a red clock tower. Matutuwa mga OC dito.

Of course, the Stadthuys is a perfect place to take some photos. My face is burning, but I don’t care. Pogi pa rin ako. LMAO.

The Stadhuys

The Stadthuys with my model friend, Mae Ann of House of Magness.

Enjoying Melaka

Enjoying Melaka. We’re both happy!


With the Malaysian flag

From the Stadthuys, we then went on looking for the ruins of St. Paul Church. We should’ve went to the church. We should’ve prayed or something. Oh well, maybe it means that they want us to come back here. And I would. I love this place.I recommend you visit this place, too, when you have a chance.

Check out some other pictures I took. We mainly used Ann’s camera during our Melaka trip. But I will try to update the galleries once I get a hold of the clear pictures. Enjoy!

Chris Church Melaka

Gereja Christ, Jalan Gereja, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia