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Cat owners love cat food reviews because we all want the best canned cat food or dry food for our cats, and one decision we have to make is choosing the best cat food. We’ve seen a lot of cat food reviews for specific brands. But in this post, I will look at the big picture. So before you go on reading my cat food reviews (links above), get to know the types of cat food first. There are 2 types of cat food: wet (canned cat food) and dry. Different cat owners have different opinions about which type of cat food is best to feed their cat.

Unlike dogs, cats are natural carnivores. They need meat.  Plants aren’t enough to supply the protein cats require. They need taurine, which is mainly found in muscle-based meat. Being carnivores, cats doesn’t break down the cellulose found in plants, and this might result in digestive issues. This cat food review aims to find out what type of cat food is best for your cats. If you are looking for specific cat food reviews for different brands, check out my reviews at the top menu. I aim to review more cat food in the future.

So what’s the best cat food?

Let’s get on with this big picture cat food review. What’s the better choice? Wet or canned cat food seems to be the better option when it comes to your cat’s diet, but it doesn’t mean you can’t feed your cat dry kibbles. There are a few points to consider to determine what’s the best cat food.

Cats are natural hunters of the wild. They eat what they catch. Now, with this , the concept of dry cat food might be different, almost unusual, for them.  Seems like dry cat food are made for the owner’s convenience, rather than for the cat’s natural diet. It is easier to prepare: open, tip to bowl then leave. Oh, and it’s a choice for those looking for cheap cat food. Wet or canned cat food, on the other hand, can dry up when left and likely to attract flies.

But any cat owner should be wise enough not to choose convenience in exchange of nutrition. A cat on strictly dry food diet is most likely less healthy than a cat eating canned food.  Why? Because many low quality dry cat foods contains mainly starch and carbohydrates, which are needed for it to be manufactured. Most dry cat food contains protein from plants than meat from animal sources. Being carnivore, it is not the vital protein your cat needs.

Cats must have water in their food, especially if your pet rarely drinks water (since cats are not thirst driven). Wet or the best canned cat food averages 78% water, while dry cat food only 10%. So unless they drink a lot of water, cats eating dry food might be at risk of dehydration!  Moreover, although a cat consuming a dry food diet does drink more water than a cat on canned food diet, when it comes down to it, when water from all sources is added together (what’s in their diet plus what they drink) the cat consumes approximately half the amount of water compared with a cat eating wet cat food. Your cat might be at risk of having lower feline urinary tract disease.

Since it’s easier to overfeed, cats on a dry food diet are more prone to obesity. Dry cat food has a lot of carbohydrates, up to 50%. This excess carbohydrates can also lead to feline obesity and, in some cases, diabetes. To avoid this, it is recommended to ration your cat’s food rather than leave a few days’ worth for your cat to eat.

What Most Cat Food Reviews Rarely Tell You

Since most specific cat food reviews only discuss about their brand, these cat food reviews rarely give tips on feeding your cats the right way. So how do you come up with the best dry or best canned cat food? What’s best to do is to mix dry food with your wet or canned cat food, since the kibbles of dry food can avoid dental problems. Don’t just choose cheap cat food. You may also mix raw food to your cat’s diet. Ultimately, whether you choose to feed them dry or the best canned cat food, make sure it’s the right cat food, premium with high quality ingredients. You might also want to try a grain free cat food diet. Please also note that in addition to feeding your feline high-quality, best canned or dry cat food, kittens, adults and mature cats all have different nutritional requirements, that’s why it is important to put them on a diet suitable for their life stage.

Now that you have an overview of what’s the best canned cat food or dry cat food that you can give to your cat, you can start reading my cat food reviews. These are more specific and tackle different brands so you can make the right choice. I would try my best to have detailed, unbiased cat food reviews with actual pictures.

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